hurtHaving a toothache is not a fun. Because the source of your toothache is most likely coming from inside the tooth in your jaw bone, pain medications will simply not seem to work. This can lead to an incessantly crying child or sleepless nights. There are many causes for having a toothache. A toothache can be caused by a cavity, and this is why we recommend regular exams visits at Little Big Smiles so that we can catch the cavities early. Catching the cavities early on makes it easier for you and your dentist to handle, because once the cavity becomes bigger it can cause you severe pain. If you have any damage to your tooth either chipped or broken, please come see us as soon as possible. The sooner our dentist can see you, the more likely we will be able to save your tooth. Sometimes your “toothache” might not be caused by the tooth at all. This is because your tooth is surrounded by your gums and if you have gum disease it can cause pain in your mouth. This is also why our dentist here emphasizes the importance of proper brushing and flossing techniques to our patients. As your family dentist we are here to take care of your mouth. Our goal is to help you maintain a healthy and pain-free mouth. If there are any aches or pains in your mouth, we are always ready to help you out, so don’t hesitate to stop by or give us a call if something is wrong.