Lost Fillings Or Crowns

tooth-helmetThe fillings and crowns we place in your mouth should last a while. If the fillings and crowns are done right you should not have to worry about any of them coming out easily. However if you start to develop a cavity underneath your fillings or crowns, they can start to become loose and fall out. This is because the decay eats away at the tooth so the filling or crown will no longer have a good bond to your tooth. With the fillings or crown being out, your tooth might start to hurt or be sensitive to hot or cold foods. This is because the protection given by the fillings or crowns is gone and if there’s a cavity there it might make matters worse. If you have the loose crown or fillings please do not attempt to glue it back with household adhesive (NO superglue please!), you can cause more damage and make the situation even worse. If you have a crown or bridge that came loose please keep it in a clean towel or container and bring with you when you come see us or your dentist. Depending on why the filling or crown came loose we might be able to replace it with a new filling or re-cement your crown. Usually there are new cavities underneath those fillings or crowns, if so, we will have to re-prepare the tooth to remove all the decay and sometimes, if the decay has gone into the tooth nerve, you might need a root canal procedure. If the decay is too large, we might even have to consider extraction of the tooth. Because there are many different scenarios that can cause your filling or crowns to be loose, please either contact us or your dentist so your tooth can be properly taken care of.