Debris Between Teeth

Fotolia_45782508_32We all love to eat, but sometimes, for whatever reason, some food debris can get stuck between our teeth. One common offender is the popcorn kernel. Because of the hard cellulose fibers, popcorn kernels do not breakdown over time and can remain trapped between your gums for a while. Other times you might have chipped your fillings or your crown and the pieces get lodged between your teeth and gums. It is important to get these debris out of your gums, not only for your comfort, but if the debris is trapped for some time, it can lead to more pain or infection in that area. Sometimes these things can be easily teased out with gentle flossing around your gums, or you can use a toothpick and run it around the gum line. Just be careful to not use too much force to prevent either cutting your gums or forcing the food deeper into your gums. DO NOT attempt to use any sharp instruments to try to fish it out. You can cause irreparable damage to your teeth, your existing fillings, restorations, or the surrounding area.

If using floss or a toothpick not working out for you, please contact your dentist or contact us and we will be happy to bring you in and see what is going on. We have specialized tools that will allow us to see more clearly in that area, so we can find whatever is trapped in there and get it out for you comfortably.Tooth-floss