Chipped Or Broken Teeth


tooth-chippedOur teeth are made up of one of the strongest materials in our body. The mixture of minerals and organic materials make our teeth strong enough to withstand our daily eating habits. However, sometimes, due to either factors of our own or not, these teeth can become chipped or broken down. This can be a frightening experience since we usually take the strength of our teeth for granted, until it is damaged or you are holding your tooth’s fragments in your hands. If you are unfortunate enough to chip or break your teeth, do not worry, instead contact us. As your family dentist, we are also your emergency dentist. If your tooth is chipped or broken from a recent trauma (ie. Fall or accident) please come see us as soon as you can. Before you come in, if there is bleeding in the area, please apply a clean gauze to the area, to minimize the bleeding. With a broken or chipped tooth it is very important to see a dentist right away, since whatever had caused the chip might cause fractures in your teeth and if not treated soon, these fractures can grow over time and there might be a chance that we might not be able to save your tooth. As extra advice, we caution against chewing ice all the time. Frequent ice chewing can lead to many micro fractures in your teeth, and over time these fractures will connect and lead to sensitivity or severe tooth pain. This is because the vertical fractures that have formed have spread into the nerves of your teeth.


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