Dental plate

Tooth loss is something we strive to prevent for our patients here at Little Big Smiles. Even though we have many options to restore your teeth, there will be times where the tooth needs to come out, or the patients come in with missing teeth. So for an area with large span of missing teeth or having no teeth at all, we offer removable partial denture and full dentures to our patients. If you have an area with a lot of missing teeth, but still have some good strong teeth left, a partial denture is an economical way to give you something to chew with, or some teeth to show when you talk or smile. We use your existing teeth as anchors and make clasps on the partial denture to hold it down. If we are covering both the left and right side of your mouth, or covering a large missing area, a metal based partial will be the best choice for you. This is because when we chew, we put a tremendous amount of force on our teeth, and having a metal framework will resist the pressure and keep the partial from fracturing. Don’t worry, the metal framework will be mostly covered by our gum matching acrylics and the teeth will be matched to the color of your existing teeth. The downside of this option is the clasps of this partial will be in metal, and can sometimes show through. If having no metal showing through is a priority to you, we do offer gum colored flexible clasps that can blend in a little bit better. If all your teeth are gone, our full denture can be used to help you restore that smile you used to have. To ensure a good fitting denture, it’ll require a few visits to our office so our dentist can make sure we make good impressions for accurate fitting dentures. The last thing we want to hear from you is your dentures coming out when talking in the public! Stability of the full denture can sometimes be hard to achieve no matter how precise we make the denture to be, so we do have the option to stabilize these dentures with some dental implants. With proper planning and placement, these dental implants can anchor your dentures so you can eat and talk like never before!