Dental Veneers

tooth-status-happyDental porcelain veneers are very aesthetically focused restorations. We typically use these restorations in the front of the mouth. They are made of a tooth-colored porcelain material either meticulously stacked in layers, or in one single monolithic piece. Even though we do not market ourselves as a cosmetic dentistry we still place great emphasis on making sure we take the utmost care in providing you with the most beautiful and long lasting restorations we can possibly provide. This starts on day one, when you come in for our exams and cleaning. We focus first on proper home care for you. This way we can be certain you are armed with the knowledge to properly take care of your new beautiful teeth. Second comes with color and shape selection. We ask for your input/interaction each step of the way, after all it is you who’s going to wear them for the rest of the time. We will make sure the color, shape and feel of the veneers are just right before we finalize the restoration. Third, we select the highest quality dental lab for fabricating your new smiles. They not only uses the best porcelain materials but also use precision to make sure your veneer is fixed as tightly to your teeth as possible. Lastly we employ the strongest and most durable bonding material to make sure these veneers will stay and last in your mouth. We are here to restore your smile, and we want you to be thoroughly satisfied with the work we do. That is why we put extreme care and focus on each and every restoration, so you can be confident when you smile!